Our Vision


Our mission is to instill the knowledge of “Keeping Healthy through Sports.” Our focus is to foster a community of sports enthusiasts through competition while promoting and preserving sportsmanship. We want to provide the experience and atmosphere of professional sports in order for our players to feel a slice of the PRO lifestyle. Our goal is to instill the fundamentals and love of The Game to the younger generation of student-athletes, while showcasing their talents on the court. We want to use sports as our avenue to teach youth about teamwork and dedication for use in all aspects of their lives. Our philosophy is simple: teach the fundamentals of sports, unite the community together, make it fun and keep it fair.

When I was in my 20s I was playing in many adult leagues all over the West Coast. I wasn’t satisfied w/ the officiating and the overall leagues, so I decided to start TripleDoubleSports! A league where players could “…feel a slice of the Pro lifestyle.” It was going well for a couple of seasons but then I took a break from it for a while because, working full time and trying to run a league alone, I didn’t have the time to put into the league! After I was unfortunately laid off from work I decided that it was time to re-dedicate myself to the league. This time with the help of my brother we would try to give the players a league that they deserved! After a successful season, we were getting prepared to start another season, but I suffered a Hemorrhagic Stroke that almost took my life! As I was recovering, my brother took the league to a whole different level! I was proud of him and the league! I have made strides in my recovery but I still have a long way to go but I will make it…I promise!

With this league I’d like to promote stroke awareness to the masses! A stroke can happen to anyone at any time! Young or old, fat or skinny I’ve seen it all during my weekly visits to the hospital speaking to stroke patients giving them a sense of ‘if he could do it then so can I’ mentality!

Thank you for your continued support and always Keep BALLIN!


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