TDS Spring 2018 Playoff Brackets

The TDS Spring 2018 Brackets have been set! The #1 seeds in each division are coming off losses in the last regular season game last week but both hope to rebound!

In our Asian Open Division, Boogie, led by twin towers Prabe Bolaria and Ant Navarette, are poised to make another run at the elusive TDS crown. Standing in there way are a number of contenders! Ranger Squad, the combination of the Power Rangers and Bomb Squad, have come into their own winning 3 in a row! Nick and JMac, co-captains of the team, are gelling at the right time! The “old man” Prodigies and the Bulls, are 3rd and 4th respectively, and are also favorites to move on in the playoffs! CCU and Rock Center have had an up and down season and finished the regular season with a .500 record (3-3). Both teams look to have their teams at full strength for the postseason! SF Fire started the season off strong, but have tapered off a bit. Hopefully, the playoffs will give them the motivation to play well! In the “play-in” game the Dawgs face off against New Jersey Sets! The Dawgs have had a very disappointing season! After a dramatic win the first game they lost their last 5 games leading to the playoffs. The NJ Sets have had the opposite. After losing their first 5 games they pulled off a win! So, this game is up in the air! 🤷🏽‍♂️

In our Asian D3, Threat Matrix proved again that they’re the ones to beat! The mild mannered Chris Knight leads this group of veterans in the postseason with something to prove. After Threat Matrix, there seems to be a logjam! Three teams are tied at 4-2 (SF Warriors, Bangarang and the Saints) and five team are tied with a 3-3 record (Jackson Arms, DRP Jets, Fort Knights, Team Revolution and Rise)! SF Warriors made a run at the top of the leaderboard. Alvin Lim led the Warriors to a second place finish. Tied with SF Warriors are Bangarang and the Saints. Bangarang led by Russell and the Saints led by Michael Lim are battling for position and only the tiebreaker (point differential) kept them apart! Even more hotly contested was that for 5th place! Five teams all with the same record and only the point differential separated them from one another! The resurgence of Jackson Arms coincided with the pickup of Isiah Martinez! His play catapulted them to where they are today. DRP Jets really played well their last game of the season. The Fort Knights has a rough last game w/o team captain, Adonis Bulanhagui who was out with a sprained ankle that he hurt in the Week 5 victory. Team Revolution is headed in the wrong direction! Losers of two in a row Team Revolution, led by Jerrick are poised to turn their season around with a strong playoff run! Make It Drizzle and SF Hoopers round out the bracket. Always a smile on their faces they’re looking to make some noise this postseason! I have firsthand knowledge that a team can go winless during the regular season and still win the championship! DO NOT GIVE UP!

Thank you to all the players! TripleDoubleSports would be nothing without you! Good luck in the playoffs to everyone!

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