Photos from TDS Championship Day

Championship Sunday tip-off

Andy at the line…

Isiah shooting 2!

Bangarang vs. Make It Drizzle

Ali shooting from deep!

Drew = Money

Bangarang w/ the “D”

Christian from the wing

Mike driving baseline

Bangarang begins to pull away

Jackson Arms vs. Threat Matrix

Chris Knight from the line

Justin in the triple threat mode

Dustin gets ready for the offensive rebound

Jason Remolona slices thru the defense

Isiah Martinez drives hard to the left

Chris Knight gets behind the “D”

Rock Center vs. Boogie

Ant Navarette and 1

Maynard Raymundo slips past the defense

Nate Bevan gets one from the line

Prabe Bolaria takes it to the rack

And 1 from the line

Jarrette Millete from the wing

“Box Out!”

Rock Center on the comeback trail

1 on 4?!


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