Mid-season Report (Summer ‘19)

Mid-season Report 

We’re on the “back 9” of this season and the cream is starting to rise to the top of the division standings!
We’ve got one undefeated team (Squadron) in our upper division and three undefeated teams (SF Warriors , Saints and Jumpmen) in our lower division!
In the Upper Division, Squadron is trying to take the title away from Bomb Squad (who are going for their fourth championship in a row). The highly talented teams are about to go head on! Go Get It, POS Place and Boogie have been hit with injuries or inconsistent play that have derailed their hopes but there is still time for them to make a run and recover! Each team is lead by veteran players who have all tasted victory in the past and are hungry to make it to the top of the mountain again!
SF Warriors, Saints and Jumpmen are proving to be the best of the Lower Division! Tr3y Ar3a, Team MX and Load Management are still hot on their tails. The rest of the division are headed into the second half with renewed vigor! Coming from me, a member of a team that was winless headed into the postseason and still won the championship, anything is possible! There are three former champions in the bottom half of the division! The talent is unreal!!!

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