9/13/19 TDS + Undiscovered Presents: Co-Ed 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

On Friday, September 13, 2019, TripleDoubleSports partnered with Undiscovered to present a Co-Ed 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament! The tourney consisted of 6 teams made up of guys and gals from the bay. All battling out for 3-on-3 supremacy! The Undiscovered Court was built tirelessly by volunteers that pitched in after their long days at their jobs! It was a dream that soon became a reality. You are invited to come out tomorrow, 9/21/19, between 4-10pm at the Undiscovered Court for a shooting competition! If you like what you saw, don’t  forget to sign-up for the next tourney on October 11th at undscvdcourt.com now!  See you there!

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