Asian Upper Division Champions – Squadron

The longest season of TripleDoubleSports has finally come to an end and the Champions of the Asian Upper Division are Squadron!

They survived close calls versus POS Place (1pt) and Go Get It (5pts) to make it to the best of 3 game series. On the other side of the bracket, Bomb Squad had a matchup with Boogie. Both teams were undermanned playing the game (5 on 5 for the whole game) but they were able to outlast Boogie. Setting up the matchup versus Squadron!

In Game 1 of the best of three, Squadron and Bomb Squad put on a shooting display that I have never seen! With the score of 100-93 this was the highest scoring game in regulation that I’ve ever been a part of! Bomb Squad took the early first half lead with a barrage of 3pt shots! Squadron then turned on the defense and were able to overcome the hot shooting to win the game! In Game 2, both teams were a bit short handed and the shooting wasn’t quite as good but Squadron outlasted Bomb Squad to win the game and he series ending the chance of a 4-peat!

The Most Valuable Player was Travis Hom who came out and led his team in the game with 9 assists and a backbreaking 3pt shot in the final period that put the game on ice!

Congratulations to Squadron! See you guys next year for your title defense!

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